How about those Kansas City Chiefs?!

Can you believe the turn-around in just one year? Needless to say, Kansas Citians are probably the most ecstatic NFL fans to be found in the country this year. Arrowhead Stadium is a sea of red at all the home games and now holds the distinction of being the loudest stadium. The parking lot at the stadium is filled with tailgaters living it up and celebrating our beloved undefeated team this year.

Kansas City Chiefs shirts, hats, jackets, novelties, flags….they’re all flying off the shelves in retail stores all around the city and metro area. Hopes are high as fans look forward to one more win to sustain the undefeated status with each passing week during this exciting NFL season.

So what are you waiting for?! Load up your RV camper and head on up here to Trailside RV Park for the next Kansas City Chiefs home game and experience the excitement for yourself! We’re just 15 minutes east of Arrowhead Stadium at Exit 24 on I-70 in Grain Valley, MO. Call us today at 800-748-7729 to make your reservations.

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