Wanted: Trailblazing Trailblazers to Rappel Over the Edge…

Over The Edge Jefferson City MO 2011

Over The Edge of the Jefferson Building in Jefferson City, MO 2011

…of The Clubhouse on Baltimore in Kansas City, MO! Who wants to blaze a trail with me as a Trailside Trailblazer and rappel 217 feet over the edge from the roof of The Clubhouse on Baltimore in Kansas City, MO on September 28th?

C’mon, let’s do it! I’ve been told by a dear friend how fire ants pull together and hold onto each other to create a raft to float on flood waters. I believe we can pull together like that, don’t you? Well, maybe we can’t literally hold onto each other and float down the side of the building. However, we CAN support and encourage each other so that we can raise $1000 each for the benefit of Special Olympics Missouri.

You’re probably asking yourself why you would want to do this. Well, you can push yourself farther than you ever thought possible just like 2,212 local Special Olympic athletes do in their program and help raise funds for them to continue to do so.

Is that encouragement enough for you? I thought so! Call me now at 816-229-2267 or email me at info@trvpark.com to join the Trailside Trailblazers and get started raising funds today!

*NOTE* Tax-deductible donations provided via our team, Trailside Trailblazers, will stay in the Kansas City Metro Area and directly affect our local program.

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